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As you proudly watch your daughter or son in a school play, ballet, martial arts, at their graduation, at a camp, or in a sporting event, have your own personal professional photographer there to capture their shinning moments!! Ron Deshaies has covered numerous private and public school events, using his extensive skills as the Charlotte Checkers and Charlotte Knights photographer to lock in on your child and those special, special times that go by too quickly. Don't just wish you have those pictures-hire Ron Deshaies and Treasured Events of Charlotte to cover any event imagined!!!

Our hourly rate includes a CD of the entire shoot, permission to reprint any and all pictures, and placement on our website, at your request.

Check out our Collage section, to get some ideas of what can be done with your pictures. Imagine how your family and loved ones would treasure a collage of your child!!

Please contact us for the hourly rate and details on additional offers.

References available upon request.

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