Ron Deshaies and his wife Donna Jean have been involved in charity photography in Charlotte for over 12 years, as our way of giving back to the community. Ron may be first known as the Palm Night photographer for the Family Center for the past 4+ years. His talents capturing this event can be seen on their website at

You may ask how Ron got involved with charity photography. The answer is his beautiful little daughter, Sonya Renee, who died of Cystic Fibrous when she was only
3 1/2 years old. Ron first went to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and offered his help in 1995. They needed someone to photograph their fundraising events and Ron immediately volunteered, refusing to take any payment for his time or pictures. Quickly, his kind offer and his talent became well known to the charitable community and he was soon involved with numerous charities, again-not accepting any money for his photography services. From that point on, his photographs have shown up on the mantels and walls of many of our local personalities, as they met and were photographed by Ron Deshaies.

Treasured Events of Charlotte was formally founded in 2005 by Donna Jean Deshaies and together, Ron and Donna Jean, have taken Ron's love of photography and his middle child desire to please everyone to a new level, as he continues to offer photography services to local and national charities as well as individuals and businesses.

Ron Deshaies and Treasured Events of Charlotte have been published locally and nationally in magazines, newspapers, and books, including The Charlotte Observer, South Park Magazine, Parents Magazine, and the Charlotte Weekly. His photography has also been used on several websites. The numerous charities Ron has worked for include The Family Center, JDRF, MDA, March of Dimes, Cystic Fibrous, Pin Stripes(ALS), Bobby Phills Foundation, St. Judes, Florence Crittenton Services, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and other charities that have requested his services and special charity rates.

Ron is now the team photographer for the Charlotte Checkers and the Charlotte Knights as well as the photographer for the popular magazine distributed to the students in the Charlotte Mecklenburg schools, My School Rocks. He also contributes to South Park Magazine, Carolina Panthers Roar magazine, Cats and Dogs of Charlotte, and References are available on request.

Treasured Events of Charlotte and Ron and Donna Jean Deshaies are also proud members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.


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